100% Hawaiian Coffee - Puna District

Roasted to order for maximum freshness!



Medium Roast Coffee

Sweeter than a light roast; more body exhibiting more balance in acid, aroma, and complexity.Medium roast maintains more caffeine and the true taste of the coffee.

House Roast Coffee

This roast is between the medium and the dark roast. The beans are allowed to roast to a higher temperature which allows some of the oils to come to the surface. Somewhat spicy; complexity is traded for heavier body/mouth-feel. Aromas and flavors of roast become clearly evident.

Dark Roast Coffee

The dark roast holds a stronger taste. Smokey-sweet; light bodied, but quite intense.

Sharky's Mac Nuts

They might not be coffee, but Mac Nuts are 100% Hawaiian just like our coffee. They are dehydrated rather than roasted to preserve the flavorful and heart healthy oils.