"I LOVE coffee! I don't go a day without at least one cup. I drink my coffee black and I love the flavor of dark roasted coffee. I am a frequent visitor to the Big Island of Hawaii and I always bring home a 6 month supply of coffee grown in Kona.

One day a friend who lives in the Puna on the Big Island recommended that I try Sharky's dark roast coffee. He said I would never drink anything else after I had some. So I ordered a pound of the dark roast and I have to admit I am hooked! This is the finest cup of coffee I have ever had. The flavor is rich and smooth. Just the way I like it.

Thank You Scott for taking the time and making the effort to produce such a great product! I am a customer for life!" -
Dave Brilliant - Aliso Viejo, CA


"Ever since my first pound of dark roast beans from Sharky's Coffee Company, I drink Sharky's exclusively. And I love receiving compliments about the coffee from friends I share the beans with. I order my coffee direct from Hawaii when I'm down to my last pound and I can always depend on great customer service from Sharky's to deliver my fresh beans before I run out. Doesn't get much better than that in the world of coffee! ~ Joe Machnik, Port Orchard, WA"


"Perhaps that 'well known' coffee place in Seattle could learn a thing or two about how REAL COFFEE should be. I love Sharky's Coffee. The taste, the price, the experience of a good cup of coffee" - M Hafferty - Atlanta, GA


"I have been drinking Sharkys dark roast coffee for several years and I truly believe it is the best coffee on the island. I have been living in Kona for 15 years and I tried all the different Kona coffees but none of them come even close to Sharkys. In addition to the great coffee, I certainly have to salute the owners for their great customer service too!' -J Rabbi- Kona HI

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